Here you will find all the courses of diving PADI available. PADI is the Didactics that more divers certifies anywhere in the world, for that reason is the reconocinada degree but. You will be able to begin your life as diver with the course Open Water Diver, that will allow you to learn the basic knowledge on the diving gear and its use. With your finished course you will obtain a degree that will allow you to dive anywhere of the world until a depth of -18m. From your ADVENTURE begins there!

In CZoneDivers we have a policy of work very defined and clear: we dive TO AMUSE to US! For that reason we are going to you to explain as they are the reasons by which here you will be satisfied with your course:

1. We adapt the course to the rate of each student, know that each person has a form to learn the things and for that reason we give to each student the time him that needs to fulfill the obtetivos of the courses.
2.Todo we do it in groups of not more than 4 peronas by instructor, guaranteeing therefore the maximum attention to the student.
3. We do not have dates determined for the courses, realised them on a daily basis, adapting us to the free time that has each person, I only gave us when you can come and we will organize it to you.
4. You can do followed it or in so many days as you need.
5. We realise so many practices as they are necessary without no extra cost for the student.

Really what we want is that you learn to dive, not that you go away with a title, but mainly that YOU AMUSE YOURSELF DOING IT!

Scuba Diver

Course Scuba Diver

If you do not have long time for your course of diving with the Scuba Diver you will learn the most basic knowledge to be able to be titled as diver.

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Open Water Diver

Course Open Water Diver

This course of diving is most popular anywhere in the world. With you will learn all the necessary one to dive anywhere of the world up to 18 meters.

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Advanced course Open Water Diver

Continuous practicing your skills in the water and it learns new techniques to improve your bouyancy and your consumption among others things.

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Course first help basic and RCP

Cardio learns to realise the maneuver of pulmonary resuscitation and basic first help so that you can help in caualquier situation.

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Rescue Diver

Course diving Rescue Diver padi

With this course you will learn techniques of rescue in the water, in addition to learning techniques of first help and practices of RCP. Very necessary for all diver.

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If one is excited the world of the diving with the course Divemaster de Padi you will take the first step in your race as professional of the diving. A full life of adventures hopes to you

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