Club Valencia Diving

Do You like to dive but not encuantras the suitable atmosphere? Some weekend you haven't been able to dive because you have not found diving companion? It knows all the advantages our Club Valencia Diving and unites to you. 

Advantages of the Club Valencia Diving


Prices of low cost in:

  €“ Immersions and bonds of diving

  €“ Products in store

  €“ Repairs and maintenance of equipment

  €“ Rent of equipment

  €“ Surely of diving

  €“ Medical certificates

  €“ Courses superiors and specialties

In order to see the discounts more in detail than we offer to our partners clica in the connection Valencia prices. In addition, you will have your own membership card of partner, will be able to enjoy immersions programmed exclusively for the club and will have preference in the exits of the center.

How much it costs to pay itself?

  €“ Monthly: 15‚¬

  €“ Semester: 72‚¬ (12‚¬/mes)

  €“ Annual: 120‚¬ (10‚¬/mes)

I want to pay itself to the club 

Bond type

Bond: MonthlyQuarterlyAnnual

Data of the subscriber