Baptism of Diving

You have asked yourself sometimes what feels when breathing under the water? If you want to find out it a diving baptism will allow you to prove the diving to see if you like.

We have a 100% of success in our baptisms. Since in CZoneDivers we realised them customized, that is to say, an instructor by each student goes. This way we assured that everybody benefit, since we give to each person the time him that needs to adapt to the equipment and the surroundings. We as much took required time inside as outside the water. Once you enter the water, no longer you will want to go out!

baptism of diving in the horseshoe

The baptism we will divide it in different parts:

  • A previous chat where we will explain everything to you what you need to know to envelope which we are going to do.
  • Assembly and preparation of the diving gears that we are going to use.
  • We will be awhile in surface breathing awhile before descending so that you acostumbreis to the equipment and to breathe of a regulator.
  • Finally the funny part but: to dive. An instructor will take you in a fascinating stroll under the water, we do not have limits of time, we will be all along that we can.

CZoneDivers gives some to you photos so that you have a memory of this magnificent experience.

You must have:

  • At least 12 years of age.

Once you have finished your baptism of diving, you can take the step and become diver certificate with the course Open Water Diver. In addition we will do a discount to you in the price of the course.

You want to give a baptism to somebody? It asks for our card gift.


Reserve of Baptisms

Stuffed east form and we will call you to confirm the reserve. Thank you very much.

Reserves courses of diving in the horseshoe