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dTodos the lovers of the diving you will agree in which a good computer of diving is the best friend which we can have. Nevertheless, often we were with the uncertainty if we make a good purchase at the time of choosing one new one, because their specifications sometimes can be too complex… As to know what is better? In this article we will advise envelope to you that you must look for in a computer of diving and as finding most suitable.

Aspects to consider at the time of choosing the best computers of diving

Your level of diving

The first a to consider when it is to choose a diving computer is our experience. One is not to buy the one that has our colleagues, but the most adapted to our needs.

For the nascent ones we recommended to secure a simple equipment, with a screen great and easy to handle. It is necessary to consider that when one is beginning in the world of the diving, too much we will be occupied trying to be comfortable under the water and we do not have to complicate with a high tech equipment to us. You do not worry if soon you have left yourselves short because always she will come to you well in the future.

For the divers more undergone the situation it is different. It is necessary to choose a computer with additional functions as the Trimix capacities. In our selection we emphasized the most suitable equipment for this style of diving.


The screen of the diving computers must of being easy to read. This means with great numbers, colors of high contrast and retroiluminadas screens. The Suunto computer AEON Steel is very popular between divers who prefer a screen of great size, due to its great angular BrightSee.

Ease of use

Some equipment is easier to use than others. If you wish to spend more time in the water less and reading the manual, this is something to consider.

Another aspect to consider would be in which average we are going to use the computer, if in cold hot waters or. In cold waters we put heavy gloves, so there is to make sure to buy a computer with great bellboys, since otherwise it will be very difficult to use it under the water.


For a basic equipment the price can make the rounds between 150€ to 400€, whereas the most advanced they are from 600€. If you finish entering the world of the diving and you do not have a great budget, you are of luck because there is a pile of computers of quality diving that offer all the modern characteristics.

If the price is not a problem, you can try to secure to a computer with functions outposts as the air integration, a digital compass and multiple gas capacity.

Style and configuration

The diving computers are of wrist or console. The wrist computers allow to have all the important data in our arm. The advantage of this style is that it is more aerodynamic and easy to read. There are two types of computers of wrist, basic that seem a disc of hockey by its size and the one that seems a normal clock that it is possible to be taken comfortably in earth. This last one lies down much more to being expensive.

The divers whom they prefer to have all instruments in a single set, must decide on the version console. Also many of the wrist classical models, come in this version.

Air integration

The wireless air integration is fashionable in the world of the diving computers. This characteristic allows to control the air consumption with the use of a transmitter. Some models of high range, even allow to control the remaining air of a whole group of divers. This is extremely useful for the technical a little although diving gears, excessive for the recreational divers.

Taken care of the diving computer

A diving computer can last years if it treats suitably. It is essential to rinse it with fresh water after each immersion, preferably lukewarm, because it helps to dissolve salt particles. To make sure that once washed it is dried completely before keeping it in a place separated from sun, since it can aggravate the strap. Also he is extremely advisable to take it to a technician every few years for a cleaning the complete one.

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The project of the dredging of deepening of the Guadalquivir of the port follows dateless, but that does not imply that the works are stopped.

In the hope that the project of the margins is redefined after the rejection to the same by the commission of Doñana and the Meeting, that in principle will be this month of September, is continued working in an aspect that affects neither to the quality of waters nor to the cultures nor to other infrastructures, but that do not stop having their importance: the historical vestiges.

The Council of Culture described to the river in 2009 Zone of Archaeological Servitude since the existence of sunk boats is documented and exists the possibility of finding vestiges of establishments, the “figlinas” (factories where made the amphoras of ceramics in which the oil at Roman time was transported) and until rest of old ports.

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On a grave of 33 meters of depth and one capacity of 2,500 cubic meters, Brussels counts on one of the best swimming pools of diving of the world; an authentic jewel for the lovers of the depths. They baptized it as Nemo33 in honor to the captain more known Julio Verne and, although leguas does not reach the 20,000 submarine, its 33 meters were enough to crown it, in 2004, as deepest of the world.

The Belgian John Beernaerts, enthusiastic engineer of formation and of the diving, faced the challenge to construct this swimming pool, seventeen years ago, when returning from one long stay in warm countries, in which to practice the diving was to him very nice due to the temperature of the water. Its passion by this sport caused that it was not satisfied to taking an airplane whenever wanted to dive, but, after seven years of work, it inaugurated the one that today continues being the pioneer in this engineer installation type, although no longer is deepest: Y-40, inaugurated the past month of May in Padua (Italy), reaches the 40 meters of depth.

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The Horseshoe is considered one of the best zones of Spain for the diving.

One of the best qualities than owns are without a doubt its geographic features, that is to say the walls and the coves that it owns. It does not matter in which direction blows the wind, is the West or the East, always is some site to the defense to be able to dive. In addition most of the year the wind blows of the West and in the Horseshoe there is a well-known beach as Navy of the East, which protects very well of the West and in her we can find several immersions. Its well-known immersion but is the one of the End of the Monkey, a wall that falls until -48m. and in that we will find a great amount of species, from soft corals to the duros that appear from -30m. To read more…

More than 17 million marine hectares, 82 dead grounds and almost 200 protected or regulated species are in danger by the seismic projects search petroleum between Catalonia and the Balearics. This it is the report summary that has presented Oceana before the Government to prevent that it takes to end the works search of petroleum and gas that it tries to develop water the Spectrum company of the Mediterranean.

“We asked the Government who stops this madness. Not only she is opposite to the law, but it would affect to an enormous extension and with ecosystems most important and protégés. In addition, they will be harmed economies that depend on the resources that are going away to damage, as the fishing and the tourism, since many species will be driven away by the roar from the seismic studies”, Ricardo Aguilar has declared, director of Investigation of Oceana in Europe. To read more…

We have created a School of Diving of High performance for most demanding

We are working in a new project, that is already available for this season. After years of experience in the diving world we have decided to take further on the limits of the training and are going to make your available a series of courses and UNIQUE activities with the purpose of to cover all the needs raised by our clients.

We have created a series of activities and customized courses oriented those divers who wish to train or to improve some part in particular of their skill of diving.

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The Horseshoe is located in the call Tropical Coast of Granada, is a municipality that belongs to Almuñécar. By its geographic situation account with a wonderful climate most of the year. The Horseshoe owns a great amount of immersions to choose.
We have immersions of all type. Some to accede from border and others from boat. Whether these learning to dive as if or you are an experienced diver you will be able to find what better one adapts to your needs. Whether you come to dive, or to make some course of diving, or a baptism. Under his bottoms we can find species of all type.

The Horseshoe is well-known for being a station of cleaning for the fish Moon. The Fish Moon go single or in pairs and swim normally in opened waters, although usually they approach the coast to take advantage of the population small fish that clear the ectoparásitos of their skin.