In CZoneDivers we have an installation kit that meets the best conditions to develop all the parts of the courses that we distributed.

We realise the initial parts of the courses in surroundings of confined waters, the less deep part for the initial exercises, and the deep part but for the bouyancy practices. We have the ideal measures to develop to the courses with the greater possible comfort and security.

We have an own classroom with 70m2 with capacity to 15 students, equipped the necessary thing yet to give the theoretical classes.

School of diving in the Horseshoe

As we are mainly School of Formation, we have 15 equipment of high range that is reviewed frequently to assure the maximum quality and security in our courses. Since a good equipment is fundamental part for the development of this sport.

We realise immersions in boat through different centers from diving and also from border, the Horseshoe owns a variety of immersions from full border of life.