Technical diving

It is a style of diving different from the professional diving that it is characterized by:

  • To dive to more of the 40 meters of depth
  • Obligatorily to realise stops of decompression or an accelerated decompression and/or to use variable gas mixtures during the immersion

With the technical diving the diver must use complex methodologies and technologies to be able to control possible situations in emergency since to that depth the surface is inaccessible.

Consultation prices and dates!

  • To be greater of 18 years
  • To be medically apt for the technical diving
  • To have realised 100 immersions at least
  • To have the certificate as PADI Enriched Air Diver and the Deep Diver or equivalent
  • Experience to discover complexion diving: Discover Complexion allows you to prove the procedures and the technical diving gear.
  • Course complexion 40: It realises immersions with decompression with not more than 10 minutes of total decompression and to a depth inferior to 40 meters.
  • Course complexion 50: Beams real immersions with descomprensi³n until a depth of 50 meters.