Course Diving in Flotsam

Each sunk boat is a window to the past. For that reason the power is captivating to explore and to discover each turn of them. In addition that the great majority usually is full of aquatic life.

150,00‚¬ (IVA including)

During four immersions the student will learn:

  • The foundations for the security in the navigation and exploration of shipwrecks
  • Topography and cartography of a shipwreck
  • The use of penetration lines and spools to guide the exploration.
  • Techniques to avoid the slime rise
  • To be 15 years old at least
  • To have the certification of PADI Adventure Diver or superior
  • BuceoValencia is a Center of Accredited Diving
  • We count on own facilities of diving
  • We every year renew the equipment for the security of our divers