Sidemount course

The course of sidemount is the alternative not to have to take a bottle in the back during all the immersion.

The assembly of the tanks to the sides of the diver provides a greater flexibility and aerodynamics to him diving

280,00‚¬ (IVA including)

Through 4 immersions, two in confined waters and two immersions in opened waters, the student will learn:

  • The benefits of the diving with lateral assembly
  • To mount, to form and to wear the diving gear with lateral assembly
  • To plan and to realise recreational immersions without stop
  • To respond correctly before the potential problems when it is dived with lateral assembly
  • To be 15 or more years old
  • To have the certification of Water Open or a certification superior
  • BuceoValencia is a Center of Accredited Diving
  • We count on own facilities of diving
  • We every year renew the equipment for the security of our divers