Course Domain of the bouyancy

The domain of an excellent control of the bouyancy is what differentiates a good diver.

With the course of domain of the bouyancy you will be able to slide without effort, to improve your levels of oxygen consumption and to more easily observe the aquatic life without harming the surroundings.

150,00‚¬ (IVA including)

In two immersions you will learn:

  • The positioning and distribution of the even ballast to obtain the comfort and the position of the body that is desired
  • The bouyancy controls
  • How to establish neutral bouyancy during all the parts of the immersion
  • To stay immovable in flotation
  • To have 10 years of age at least
  • To have the certification of Water Open or a certification superior
  • BuceoValencia is a Center of Accredited Diving
  • We count on own facilities of diving
  • We every year renew the equipment for the security of our divers