Medical examination

In Spain the law forces to the accomplishment of a medical examination for the practice of the diving with independent equipment

The effective legal norm as far as the norms of security for the practice of subaqueous activities has taken shelter in the Ministerial order of the 14/10/1997 of the published Ministry of Public Works and the Economy in the BOE of the 22.11.1997, number 280.Artículo 25. - Of the medical examinations of the people who are put under a hyperbaric atmosphere:

1. - All person who is put under a hyperbaric atmosphere, will have to previously realise a medical examination specialized by a doctor who owns title, specialty, graduates or certificate, related to subaqueous activities, issued by an official organism.

2. - The periodic recognitions will be obligatory to accede to any title, being been due to annually repeat every two years in the sport ones and in the professionals. It will have to appear in the notebook of subaqueous activities.

Therefore each alumn@ will have to bring, in the beginning of the course a medical examination with an antiquity inferior to two years. Otherwise it will not be able to realise the práticas in the water. The steps to follow are the following:



  • To buy in a tobacconist or a pharmacy the official certificate for the medical examinations.
  • In case of being apt, ask to him the doctor who specifies the following thing: Apt for the diving with independent equipment.


An attending physician does not have to do it, but one apt one for this type of recognitions.

If you do not find doctor in your city you do not worry, call us to 628 903 777 and we will help you without commitment:

  • We can help search one you near where you live.
  • We can remove appointment to you in a clinic here, so that you do it when you come.

We directly work with the Clinic Beautiful Grandson, where they will do a complete medical examination to you including audiometry, spirometry, electrocardiogram and all the necessary tests in a specific recognition for the diving with independent equipment. It contacts with us and we will do the reserve to you in the clinic.