Frequent questions

1. I have to make a course to be able to dive?

If, first because it is obligatory to have a certification, and secondly because it is necessary to acquire some knowledge to know how to handle the equipment.

2. That requisite I need for being able to dive?

Nowadays everybody can dive. A small medical examination is only necessary and to know how to swim.

3. From which age can be begun?

Here in Andalusia a baptism with 12 years and a course can be done of certification as of the 14 years.

4. I can learn with somebody?

Definitively no. Although you have friendly that dive, an instructor is only qualified to teach to you.

5. What organization I choose?

Nowadays there are many didactic different ones from diving. But Padi is extended anywhere in the world. Obvious by something it will be.

6. When I do it?

Then when it desires to you or you can. We adapt the courses to your free time. Decidnos when it comes to you well and only ready.

7. Whichever it is going to me to cost?

We do a supply to size to you, looking for a balance between the price and the quality. Eye! taken care of with the mega supplies much that you will see by Internet, because in addition to the price, they reduce the practices, some obligatory ones by the way.

8. I need some part the equipment?

No, in our courses we included the full field equipment.

9. It is necessary safe?

If, but you do not worry, in the course we included to you certainly will cover to you during the practices. Once certificate you will have to engage one personnel when you come to dive. There are newspapers, weekly, monthly and annual. You can contract with us or any school of diving.

10. Already I am certificate and now what?

Then to enjoy diving. And you do not worry if after the course you spend a time without diving and you forget some things. CZoneDivers offers a gratuitous reminder to you, by to have made the course with us.