Scuba Review

The Program Scuba Review has two parts: a Review of Knowledge and a Revision of the Confined Water Skills. Also there is an optional open water immersion.

150,00‚¬ (IVA including)

The part of Review of Knowledge covers the basic information about the security that the divers learn during their training at the initial level. The divers use the Scuba Tuneup Multimedia or the book guides to verify its knowledge independently and under the supervision of a Member PADI, they complete the tests and examinations of the course Open Water Diver.

In the part Revision of the Confined Water Skills, the participants have the opportunity to practice the basic skills of diving. With the supervision of a Member PADI, the divers they perfect his practices of diving.

An immersion supervised in open waters (to see Local Discover Diving) is an extra option to the program for the divers certificates.

This immersion provides the opportunity to them to obtain a direction in the surroundings of the local diving with a Member PADI while they increase his confidence and they practice his skills of diving.