Instructor assistant

Be done Instructional Assistant and takes a step more in your race. Once you have realised the course you will be able to take the following step and to make the course of instructor.

Of this form you will save time and arrive better preparation at IDC (Instructor Development Course). Of the IDC you will only have to complete 2ª part.

Consultation hour and prices with the school!

  • To have 18 years fulfilled before finalizing the course
  • To have 60 immersions to initiate the course
  • To have 100 immersions to finalize the course
  • To have Dive Master degree or equivalent
  • Two photographies so large card
  • Theoretical sessions on standards and theory of the diving and final exam
  • Circuit of evaluation of skills in swimming pool.
  • Presentations in swimming pool, the sea and academic presentations.
  • Duration of the course: 4 days (also in format of 2 week ends)