Events for Groups

We organize special events for groups. To the titled divers you we can make a package of immersions by the Horseshoe or the Natural Park of Fat Hill. If on the contrary never you have dived we can offer a package to you of baptisms of diving or courses. All the packages will take to the lodging and the food including. We realise events of all type:

  •  Birthday.
  • Goodbyes and as a single person unmarried.
  • Meetings of company.
  • Celebrations.
  • Etc…

If you are a group and you are thinking about something new, not it penseis more. The diving with independent equipment is something that does not leave indifferent anybody, you will be able to experiment what it feels when breathing under the water. To discover a full new world of fascinating things. It is a combination of benefit and relax, a sensation that the diving only can ofreecer.

It writes a mail to or it calls to 628 903 777

Baptisms of diving for groups