Course Diving Nocturne

In spite of to have often dived in a site, at night everything seems a new world.

With this course you will be able to realise nocturnal immersions and to observe the change of scene when the creatures by day retire and emerge the organisms nocturnes

150,00‚¬ (IVA including)

With the diving nocturne, the student will concentrate himself in what he can see with his center of light rendering attention details that during the day would perhaps happen unnoticed and will learn the importance that has factors as the control of the bouyancy through sensations or always of remaining near their companion. In the course three immersions will become where it will practice:

  • The manipulation and the techniques of the communication by light
  • To enter, to leave, and to sail in the darkness
  • To identify how it at night defers the behavior from the animal and plants
  • To be 12 years old at least
  • To have the certification of Water Open or a certification superior
  • BuceoValencia is a Center of Accredited Diving
  • We count on own facilities of diving
  • We every year renew the equipment for the security of our divers