Deep diving During this course you will learn to calculate your consumption, to use a buoy deco and a spool, among others things. The deep diving is something that will not leave you indifferent since you will be able to see things that this course only can offer.

Diving with NitroxThe diving with Nitrox has extended very quickly anywhere in the world because it owns many advantages. When taking but oxygen the mixture allows to increase the time you without decompression. He is suitable for successive immersions.

Diving NocturneThis course is one of most fascinating, since you will learn all that with the protocols and safety measures related to the diving nocturne. You will see things that only this type of diving can offer to you.

Course of diving in flotsamThe Diving in flotsam requires special procedures. With this course you will learn appropriate techniques for the diving in sunk boats. It discovers the fascinating thing that it can get to be to explore pecio. And it learns to do it with the maximum security.