The diving with NITROX is made more and more popular.

This is not surprising, since the people who dive with nitrox instead of with conventional air under pressure absorb less nitrogen during the immersion and in addition they benefit from times of immersion without considerably long stops, which means that they can remain in the maximum depth of the immersion during more time.

180,00‚¬ 150,00‚¬ (IVA including)

With the course diving with nitrox you will obtain a greater comfort, an additional increase in the security and an important prolongation of the time of immersion without stops.

Our air contains a 78% of nitrogen, a 21% of oxygen and a 1% of other gases. Nitrox is formed by the same components, but in different proportions. In the case of Nitrox 32 we have a 67% of nitrogen, a 32% of oxygen and a 1% of other gases, and in the case of nitrox 36 we have 63% of oxygen nitrogen 36% and a 1% of other gases.

In other words: When you dive with nitrox in percentage of nitrogen is reduced and the one of oxygen increases.

The increase of percentage of oxygen has its advantages, most important is than the divers absorb enough less nitrogen during the immersion, which increases its well-being during and after the immersion obtaining a greater security.


A day.


  • To be 16 years old at least
  • 1 Fotograf­a
  • Medical certificate issued by hyperbaric doctor (we have a doctor who makes certificates in our facilities)
  • Degree of Open Water Diver
  • Kit didactic
  • Immersions in sea
  • International procedure
  • Bond of 4 immersions by 29‚¬ the immersion (we did not acquire the equipment to you)

It does not include:

  • Full field equipment
  • Surely
  • Transport nor lodging