Exits of diving

We realise immersions by all the Horseshoe and the Natural Park Fat Hill. The Horseshoe is well-known for being one of the best zones of practical Spain of the diving. One of its advantages is that it is the windy that does, always is a cove in which is to the defense, and the water is in good conditions which allows the diving all the year practically. In addition in the Horseshoe we can find a great amount of species, emphasizing the abundance of corals and the possibility of seeing fish very easily Moon, since it is a station of cleaning for them. Also we can find a great amount of nudibranquios, very beautiful for the fans to the submarine photography.

All the immersions are guided by us personally thus assuring to find a great amount of life, since we know each corner the bottoms of the Horseshoe.

We make small groups ordered by experience, thus all can enjoy his immersions to the maximum. The Horseshoe is considered one of the most beautiful zones to dive of all the Spanish Mediterranean, in addition we counted on the Natural Fat Hill Park, where we will find a infinity of little frequent species in other parts of the Mediterranean coast.

Immersions without boatPVP
Full field equipment36€
Immersions in boatPVP
Complete Barco+Equipo45€