UTD Rec 2

You are already an Open Water Diver/Rec 1 and are looking for the following passage in your formation of diving?
Then the course of advanced diving and modular Rec 2 of UTD is for you.

Rec 2 will allow you to extend your immersions to greater depth, to make nocturnal immersions, and to use other gases.UTD Rec 2 - the Horseshoe - Courses Technical diving

Rec 2 consists of four modules:

  • Abilities critics.
  • Nitrox.
  • Deep diving.
  • Diving nocturne.

The didactic materials on line of the course of diving Rec 2 cover the four modules.

The first step is the module of abilities critics. After this you can attend the other modules in any order.
The module of abilities critics concentrates in the identification and resolution of problems. In this class, the students can train so much with a bottle as with bibottle (in assembly to the back or lateral assembly, side mount) and tackle the possible associated problems with each system. This module normally consists of a session of swimming pool and two open water immersions.

The Nitrox module deals with the use Nitrox to increase the time at heart. This module includes two immersions: one dedicated to the control of the bouyancy and the other to the rescue of an intoxicated diver/unconscious. These immersions can be combined with other immersions of other modules of the course.

The module of deep diving takes care of the gas planning and the strategy of ascent for immersions until 30m, along with the use of a surface buoy. This module requires two immersions to depths between 24 -30m.

The diving module nocturne includes two nocturnal immersions and approaches the suitable procedures to at night share air, the direction, and the procedures of loss of the main illumination and reserve.

Each one of the four modules of the course of diving UTD Rec 2 are realised normally during a period of 1-2 days, with the participation of accumulated a minimum of 32 hours of instruction including, swimming pool/confined theoretical waters and the open water immersions. When finalizing each module, you will receive a certification of that module in particular. When finalizing the four modules, you will receive the certification Rec 2.


  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • To have realised the course of diving UTD Rec 1, Essentials Rec or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 25 immersions after the Water Open, 10 of which they must be immersions “not of course”.

Limits of the course:

  • The maximum depth is of 30m.
  • The standard gas is Nitrox 32.
  • Without stops of decompression.
  • Without surroundings “under ceiling”.