What is a center of accredited diving

A center and school of recognized and accredited diving must fulfill all a series of requirements that imply multiple organisms, in addition to having reviewed and up-to-date facilities and equipment.

Why to choose a center of accredited diving to make your courses and to dive

  • A center of accredited diving is security, quality assurance and confidence
  • We need to trust to the 100% the professionals titled and credited, from the landlord to the guide or the instructor
  • A center of accredited diving account with the demanded safety measures
  • To the being company its business is the diving and its objective is to obtain that you enjoy and you amuse yourself surely
  • They have facilities and equipment to the practice of the diving

Why not to choose an instructor or center not accredited to make your courses and to dive

  • Because they do not offer any guarantee to you of learning, security, nor seriousness
  • Because it does not matter to them that it happens after the diving course
  • Because they fail to fulfill many norms of security, you do not have guarantee of the state of the equipment that you use
  • Because in case of accident they do not have the necessary safety measures
  • Because they do not have facilities, neither boats, nor professional own
  • They need intermediaries to take to end the services

Before making a decision from where or of whom to make your course take control these questions:

You are arranged to put your life in risk into the hands of a stranger by some Euros?

What guarantees offer a center to you of accredited diving?

On what you are based to value the price of a diving course?

What organization is the best one?

The recognized ones and accredited internationally are: ACU, PADI, IDEA AND SSI.

All they offer practically the same to you and they are recognized; what matters is where you learn to dive and the professionalism of its instructors.

How much a diving course costs

300-400 Euros? It depends than they offer to you.

You would pay the same by a ham of black leg that by a ham trowel?

The minimum that you must receive in a diving course is the following thing

Assure to you that all the instructors are in active-duty, cannot distribute courses if are not titled instructors.

The instructors or Dive Master in practical only can participate as assistants or assistants, but never be in charge of the course and must have an instructor titled present with them.

How you can know what diving center to choose

Only the accredited Centers of diving, can carry out this activity. The Association of Centers Accredited of the Valencian Community, guards by the interests of all. The accredited and associated centers of diving in addition to fulfilling all the norm and being controlled by the pertinent authorities. By all these details it is reason why a center of accredited diving is quality assurance, confidence and the most important security and of everything are that you enjoyed and certainly you will repeat.