UTD Rec 1

Rec 1 is our course of initiation to the diving.  It is designed to teach to the divers noncertificates the wonders of the submarine world while they construct to a solid base using the law of priority as learning tool.
This course of diving prepares to the divers for the recreational diving with the appropriate equipment and the correct techniques. The class explains not only the form in which we make the things, but also why.

During the course one is the identification and resolution problems.

UTD Rec 1 is normally carried out in a period of 4-5 days, the time of accumulated formation in the open sea consists of a minimum of 50 hours including theoretical classes, swimming pool/waters confined and immersions until 18m using air and/or Nitrox as breathable gas. The final immersions are “immersions of experience” where the diver will apply his new abilities under the supervision of the instructor.

The course of diving UTD Rec 1 concentrates in the diversion, the learning of good practices of diving, the security and an enormous respect by the marine environment.

For whom who is designed this class?
The course is designed for the people who want to learn recreational diving of the correct form from the beginning. This course is for you if you want to become a recreational diver surely, creating a good base on which to construct to the rest of your race of diving applying principles UTD in your immersions to increase the security and the diversion.Essentials of Rec - UTD the Horseshoe

Why I have to make this course?
The course of UTD diving Rec 1 concentrates in the fundamental abilities and configuration UTD. More and more recreational divers want to initiate their race of diving with a solid base and prefer to make sure that, when they advance in his formation, the learned techniques will be consistent.

Information of the course
Between the subjects that treat we found the introduction to the configuration of the equipment of UTD, basic physics and physiology of the diving, the decompression (mín deco), the conscience of the situation and the respect by the diving surroundings. The abilities practice initially in waters confined before going to open waters. These abilities include, but they are not limited, the bouyancy, good trimming, propulsion, to share air and 6 basic ones.


  • Minimum age: 16 years.
  • To complete the process of registry UTD.
  • Not to smoke during the classes.
  • The medecine use with prescription must be authorized before the beginning of training of diving by a doctor.
  • Capacity to swim a distance of at least 15m in apnea.
  • Capacity to less than swim at least 275 meters in 14 minutes without stopping.

Limits of the course:

  • Maximum depth 18 M.s
  • Standard gas:  air (21% O2) and/or Nitrox 32 (32% O2).