UTD Essentials Of Tech

The Essentials of Technical Diving UTD is the first step to introduce itself of recreational diver a'Buceador Técnico'.

Essentials of Tech gives all the personal abilities him necessary to happen to a training program that increases so much the depth as the time in the water.

The Essentials of Tech is carried out in 6-10m of open waters. It is a class of personal abilities that prepares to you for depths of the rank of technical diving by means of the advance in its control of the bouyancy, the trimming, and the propulsion, while it introduces to more advanced procedures of donation of air and protocols of handling of bottle of decompression.

The class also is an introduction to the more advanced gas planning and more complicated strategies of ascent. The Essentials of Tech acts as a bridge between the conventional formation and a more demanding technical curricular design of UTD and concentrates in the formation to develop a “Thinking Diver”, independent of the fact that you are going to follow ahead with the technical formation, or simply is looking for to become a recreational diver highly described more.


  • Minimum 18 years of age UTD Rec 2 or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 50 immersions beyond the open water certification.
  • 25 of which they must be immersions of nontraining.

Limits of the course:

  • The maximum depth is of 18m
  • Standard gas is Nitrox 32.
  • No stage of decompression.

For whom this designed this class:

Many divers find all the adventure less who need in the recreational immersions in 30m or. But some think that perhaps they need some abilities that the technical divers have as “stops of decompression in horizontal trim”.

The technical diving is to amuse itself, as any other pastime. But, as any thing is worth the pain to do it, one requires of perseverance and hard work. This class is designed for the divers with desire to learn some basic abilities of diving technical that can help to improve the capacity of the recreational diver or they are required to begin to construct a solid base and to begin to persecute the challenge of the technical diving.

Essentials of Tech the Horseshoe