UTD Essentials of Rec

Be done a “Thinking Diver”. 
 the course of Essentials diving of Rec (Foundations of the recreational diving) is the prerequisite for all the other classes of recreational diving of UTD (except Rec 1 and Open Water Diver). By means of the course of Essentials diving of Rec you will learn the personal abilities necessary to be part of a unified equipment.

In the first place we took care of the bouyancy. A precise bouyancy, combined with a good trim (horizontal position), represents the base for a correct control of the position in the water.
You will learn to hold your position easily, which will lead you to the following series of abilities: the propulsion. You will learn five different flutterings that they avoid to raise sediment.

In addition you will learn the suitable procedures to share air, the protocols of the equipment, planning of the gas, strategies of ascent and much more.

This course of diving is normally carried out in a period of to 4 3 days combining theory, practical practices in dry (dry runs), sessions (immersions) and sessions of debriefing of video.

Essentials of Rec is the diving course where the students learn the foundations of philosophy UTD, the configuration and the abilities in water. The class is designed for any diver who wants to learn the UTD benefits and to apply it to his diving.

For whom this course is designed?

The course is oriented so much for the Open Water Diver certificate recently, as for the experienced veteran divers who are shortage that, by means of the incorporation of the principles of UTD in their diving, can increase to the security and the diversion.

The photographers will appreciate especially the skill in the control of the bouyancy and propulsion to secure the perfect taking. The instructors will obtain a new approach for the training of diving and the development of abilities.

This course represents is a great first step to learn and to understand the UTD approach.

Why I have to make this course?
Independent of your level of experience, philosophy UTD will allow you to grow as diver. Some divers want to begin to incorporate the abilities and academic exigencies of UTD, but they do not want to become technical divers. This class serves as an excellent introduction to UTD, and she is perfect for which wants to continue his formation in recreational diving with UTD.

UTD Essentials of Rec


• Minimum age of 16 years.
• To complete the process of registry UTD.
• To complete the course on line.
• Certification of Open Water Diver.
• Not to smoke during the class.
• To be able to swim a distance of at least 15 meters in apnea.
• To be able to less than swim at least 275 meters in 14 minutes without stopping.

Limits of the course

• The maximum depth is of 18 M.s
• The standard gas is air (21% O2).
• Without stops of decompression.
• Without surroundings under-ceiling.

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