UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover

After making the ESM

  • You will use less ballast.
  • You will secure a perfect bouyancy on which to construct new abilities.
  • You will obtain a correct trimming to style UTD/DIR.
  • You will improve your air consumption.
  • You will learn to flutter with the frog kicks.
  • You will learn the Min Deco strategy to dive without depending on a computer.
  • It will improve your understanding of the gas management.

If you are interested in improving your abilities of diving, this program, Carries far Makeover Scuba (ESM), is your first step.

Probably you have seen other divers mistreating the bottom of the ocean, breaking the reef, rising the slime and fall on the delicate corals. They need to improve his abilities of diving. Probably you will have thought: “I do not want to be that diver”.

We offer “a Mini “course UTD, that is a course of a day. This class is realised with an instructor UTD, having reviewed the materials for, later to work directly in the swimming pool. The instructor will record before and later, which help to identify the advances and some of weakness that you will have to practice and to improve. The “Mini ones” are not certification classes. They are factories to help to develop your personal abilities of diving in a specific area.

UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover


  • Minimum 16 years of age.
  • Not to smoke during the class.
  • To be able to swim a distance of at least 5 meters in apnea.
  • To be able to less than swim at least 90 meters in 12 minutes without stopping and 10 minutes floating.

Limits of the course

  • The standard gas is air.
  • Without stops of decompression.
  • Without surroundings “under ceiling”.
  • Reserves courses of diving in the horseshoe