School of Diving of High performance

We live in some times in which the market has become very demanding, but simultaneously they have been lost many things by the way. The law of the supply and the demand has been every day to us to make the things as rapidly as possible, to want to have the things at the moment, without thinking sometimes about the importance of a good formation. And with more reason speaking for the diving.

Although it is in favor clear that your instructor can be made an effort to the maximum and that your you can also give the maximum, nowadays of many reasons, on the part of the school or on the part of the student, they condition to make the things to the race leaving in the way important objectives. With this we do not mean that the things become bad, far from it, we are not going to question here the work of the instructors or the schools of diving.

But during your course there were things that you did not dominate, or you would like to practice more, or simply you are a demanding person and you want to improve your theoretical technique of diving or your knowledge, in our School of High performance we give the opportunity you.

In CZoneDivers we always bet by a quality formation, and we strived to the maximum to fulfill all the standards demanded in our courses, but we want to give the opportunity to that whatever wishes it can refresh its knowledge or acquire new techniques that allow him to dive better and to enjoy their immersions to the maximum.

Ecuela of diving of high performance

In this beginning of our School of High performance the formative supply will have three modalities:

  1. Techniques of fluttering
  2. Bouyancy
  3. Practices in swimming pool

In the price everything is included except the personal insurance of diving. These are ours first modalities, with time we will be extending the supply of courses.
But YOU DO NOT FORGET IT you can suggest us that you would like to perfect or to request an opinion to us envelope that would be the best thing for you, and we will put an instructor to your disposition.

We can practice infinity of things:

  • Practices of fluttering.
  • Exercises with the buoy and the spool.
  • Skills with the equipment: Recovery of regulator, vacidado of mask, etc…
  • Practices of rescue
  • Theory of the diving: Physics, physiology, theory of the decompression, Nitrox, etc…
  • Promotions and relegation.
  • Stops of security.
  • Assembly and disassembling of the equipment.
  • To improve the air consumption.
  • Etc…
We will be available for any things that you need, we are hoping you to share our experience and wisdom with you.

Inform to you