Advanced Water Open

The Advanced course Open Water Diver helps to improvements your techniques you of diving in all the aspects. You will improve your bouyancy, your consumption, in addition to learning important aspects of the deep diving and nocturne.

We will divide this course in 5 blocks, where each will take its theoretical class with its later immersion:

  1. Bouyancy: We will realise different practices to improve your bouyancy.
  2. Subaqueous navigation: You will learn to use a compass and to orient to you under the water.
  3. Diving nocturne: You will learn diferectes aspects of the diving nocturne.
  4. Nitrox: You will learn the important concepts but of the diving with air enriched with oxygen.
  5. Deep diving: You will learn the aspects of the deep diving and to use a buoy and a spool.

In addition in CZoneDivers we have a very clear objective: to form to you well! For that reason we will repeat the immersions that are necessary, without no extra cost, until you have reached all the objectives.

Advanced course Padi of diving

You must bring:

  • Medical certificate that it specifies that you are apt for the diving with equipment   independent, with less than 12 months of antiquity.
  • Two photos so large card.

In order to make the course you must have a certification of Water Open of any organization and at least 14 years of age.

Duration: 3-4 days.