Baptism of diving

You have wondered yourself how is to breathe under the water? You have imagined sometimes to feel the weightlessness sensation? It interests to discover a new world to You? You want to spend an intense and unforgettable wonderful day?

With PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience (baptism), you will be able to know that one feels.



  • Baptism in the sea: 70‚¬


PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience is a way wonderful to really discover how it is the independent diving before acceding to the course of diving certification

Your instructor of diving will spend a time with you to explain the basic principles to you of the independent diving and he will give a general concept you of the diving gear that you used for this experience

Once you feel comfortable, your instructor will less than take you to the water for a small immersion of initiation to 12 meters.

The exercises that you learn during experience Discover Scuba Diving can serve as credit for complete certification PADI Open to you Water Diver.

  • Theoretical explanation (breafing)
  • Full field equipment of diving
  • Experience of diving in the sea (2 exercises and subaqueous stroll)
  • Personal accident insurance for the day
  • Service of instructor
  • Accrediting diploma delivery of the experience
  • Duration of the complete activity around 2 hours
  • Time in the water: 30-40 minutes (approx)

To have 16 years fulfilled and to know how to swim.

  • BuceoValencia is a Center of Accredited Diving
  • We count on own facilities of diving
  • We every year renew the equipment for the security of our divers