Recycling of diving

He is frequent that after a time without diving can be forgotten many things. The diving is a sport that requires practice. When we happened long time without diving we forgot many things of which we learned during the course.

About CZoneDivers we thought that he is vital to refresh your knowledge after a long time without diving, to be able to enjoy the immersions. It is clear that if we forgot certain things our immersions can become a problem but that in something to enjoy. To forget how the equipment mounts, as descending or handling the flotabildad. As to drain a mask or to reclaim a regulator they are very simple things that they can take to you to spend a bad short while if you do not control them. In addition not only you can have a problem your, but it can harm your companion of diving.

Really, if you want to enjoy the diving depends on you to be and to always dive within the limits of your experience and learning.

recycling of diving

Our recycling we divided it in three parts:
  1. A theoretical chat in the classroom where we refreshed the most important aspects of the diving.
  2. One first confined water immersion, where we refreshed the most basic exercises and skills with the diving gear.
  3. One second opened water immersion, where we practiced diverse techniques of bouyancy and fluttering.

Duration: 1 day.

And all ready one, already these preparation to amuse to you diving again.