Considerations for Purchasing Dodge Ram Lift Kit San Antonio

Lift kits for trucks can elevate a truck to increase the vehicle’s performance, install bigger tires, and modify the truck’s appearance. Some truck owners also install lift kits to ensure the vehicle’s underbody does not sustain any damage from unpaved roads. An auto shop or vendor specializing in lift kits should evaluate a truck before a kit is installed. Some kits may work better for specific makes and models. For instance, a dodge ram lift kit San Antonio is matched according to the vehicle’s color.

Types of Lift Kits

Two kinds of lift kits are available for both cars and trucks. Body lift kits raise the vehicle additional inches from the ground. While larger tires can be installed with a body lift kit, a suspension lift kit is needed to increase the vehicle’s performance. A suspension lift kit increases the amount of space between the vehicle and ground, even more so than a body lift kit.

Vehicle Evaluation

If you’re uncertain about what type of lift kit your vehicle needs, you’ll need to provide some basic information to a vendor or an auto shop. The vendor that ends up ordering and installing the kit will need to know the vehicle’s make (i.e. brand), model, the diameter and width of the new tires you’re interested in, and the amount of tire rim that is going to extend out. There should be enough room between the tires and the car’s frame once the lift kit is installed.

Aesthetics versus Performance

The reason why you want to install a lift kit on your vehicle needs to be considered. If the lift kit is going to be installed on a car, the expectation should be an improvement in the appearance of the car. A truck’s lift kit could enhance the appearance, performance, or both. Trucks with 4×4 capabilities are likely candidates for lift kits that will increase performance, since the owner may have purchased the truck for driving on all types of roads.

Car and truck owners need to take their goals into consideration when deciding to purchase and install a lift kit. The capabilities of the vehicle, whether enhanced performance or aesthetics is desired, and what type of tires will be installed all need to be taken into consideration. Once all the ducks are in a row, getting a quote from a reputable vendor is the next step!