Welcome to our Web. If you want to learn to dive, or simply you want to have a experience YOU ARE IN the SUITABLE SITE! The diving offers experiences to you that cannot be compared with no other sport. You can relax, enjoy and know a fasciante world that, very few have the pleasure to see. We take to many years practicing this sport and our experience says to us that once you prove it no longer you will leave it. We have a very clear goal: TO AMUSE to US.
The diving is an adventure sport that requires some knowledge of the equipment and the surroundings, to be able to realise the practice surely. That is the only form to be able to enjoy it to the maximum. Our philosophy of work is very clear: Groups reduced and principle attention to each student.  For that reason in our school WE DO NOT SELL DEGREES, BUT WE TAUGHT TO DIVE! If you want to learn to dive with the greater possible security and quality THEY SEE KNOW US!

Baptism of diving

Baptisms of diving the horseshoe

If you would like to try that she feels when respiar under the water the diving baptism is the best election. Our baptisms of diving are customized. An instructor with each person goes. We give each the time that needs to adapt.

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Courses of diving

Courses diving the horseshoe

We have an ample formative supply. We distribute Padi courses, the recognized degree but anywhere in the world.  They see make your course when but it agrees to you. We adapt the schedules and the working cycle to your needs.

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Specialties of Padi diving

So that you can continue perfecting your technique of diving you we can offer an ample variety of specialties. Ample your knowledge on other types of diving and improve your skill with our courses of specialty.

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Insurances of diving

International insurances of diving

We can offer one to you of the best insurances of diving with international cover. Contract your insurance of diving in only some minutes.

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Exits of diving

To dive in the horseshoe

We realise daily exits of diving in the Horseshoe and the Natural Park of Fat Hill. All our exits are guided and in reduced groups.

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Venta de Material

Sale of material of diving of the best brands

We distribute material of the best brands of diving. Let look for you the equipment to us that better adapts to your needs.

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Management of lodging for the divers

Here there is a listing of the hotels and pensions of the Horseshoe. Although yes you need it we you we can manage the lodging.

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Points of immersion

Points of diving in the horseshoe

A look throws to the different points from immersion of the Horseshoe and the Natural Fat Hill Park, known by its marine beauty.

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Events for groups

Events of diving for groups

We have special supplies for events in group. It enjoys your friendly of an unforgettable experience.

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