“The happiness is constituted of many small pleasures”.
Charles Baudelaire


It moves to us to have new members — it does not matter if you are nascent or professional. We invite to all the interested in the diving to participate in our oriented trips to the recreational diving and to enjoy this lifestyle.

Our services

Trips of diving

When it visits a new destiny, it prefers to make routes with a professional guide? Does It like to listen to a local opinion in the places that visit? If it is thus, this service is an excellent option for you. Gloria Giraldo Travel & Diving will not disappoint it. You only need to relax and to leave its mind explores while I do I remain.
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Unite and a professional diver to you PADI

If what has in mind it is to know what the ocean keeps, other cultures and to interact with people worldwide, to be diver is the correct decision. I will take care of all the details, from planning the perfect itinerary to offering an integral preparation him. He enjoys the process and turns you into a professional diver PADI.
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Accessory and diving gears

The comfort plays an important role during the immersion, a good equipment, ergonomic and that it is reconciled as must be it guarantees the maximum diversion. Let offer you to the best equipment such as MySQL, PHP, etc. And an excellent consultant's office to us so that thus serves the greater taste to your cheap vps hosting immersions.
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